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Consulting through Predictive Analytics

20 years, 11 countries, 60+ multinational clients, and hundreds of successful projects. We are Predictive Analytics in Japan

Predictive Analytics

How 'Predictive Analytics' can build organic growth

For over a quarter-century, J-PMC has pioneered the development of innovative methodologies in constructing consumer and employee engagement models. Our expertise spans groundbreaking techniques, from brain and genetic mapping to distinctive forced-choice question formats. J-PMC's revolutionary research has not only captured the attention of esteemed business circles but has also been spotlighted in renowned publications like The Harvard Business Review and The New York Times. Our impactful contributions have laid the groundwork for numerous articles that delve into the latest trends in engagement modeling.

One of our standout research pieces, "The Neural Basis of Brand Addiction: An fMRI Study," centered on brain mapping, was lauded at the 34th annual Society for Neuroscience Research meeting. Among 16,000 articles, it secured a spot in the 'Top 3% Research Studies.' As champions of innovation, J-PMC remains at the forefront, continually evolving our methodologies and analytics to offer unparalleled insights into the realms of consumer and employee engagement.

Consumer behavior is not easily predictable

At PMI, we understand that waiting for results that do not meet your expectations can be frustrating and costly. This is why we offer a solution called Predictive Analytics. With our custom predictive analytics for marketing, customer engagement, and employee engagement, we can help your business break the never-ending circle of disengagement. Our predictive analytics approach uses data-driven insights to guide your organization toward increased productivity, performance, and engagement. By analyzing your business data, we can provide a clear roadmap to sustainable results. Predictive analytics transform your business by helping you determine what drives future results and provides a game plan to build performance like never before.

Our solutions are designed to help drive more customers to your business while ensuring that your organization operates efficiently and effectively. By using predictive analytics, we can help you make better decisions based on data-driven insights rather than relying on guesswork or trial and error. Thank you for considering PMI's Predictive Analytics solution. We look forward to helping you transform your business and achieve sustainable results.

The Big Difference: Reporting | Analysis | Monitoring | Prediction.

While all data is important, some are more valuable than others. If you are presented with hundreds of pages of reports and graphs from a previous quarter, there may be some useful information, but most of the issues in the report have already been festering for at least one quarter, sometimes more, making it difficult to solve, yet create added value for the company. By this time, your best customers may already be searching for alternatives. Reporting is considered a low-level analysis and has little business value.

Analysis, on the other hand, is slightly more complex and has slightly more business value. Monitoring is even more complex than analysis and has a higher business value because it offers real-time monitoring of issues. However, if a system can be analyzed through the lens of prediction, it could be of immense business value. J-PMC provides business intelligence on consumer behavior before it happens, and the results are highly complex, offering millions of dollars in potential new business.

Prediction is more likely to involve specific actions or services that are closely tied to emotions, such as recognition. Addressing the ego is crucial to emotional involvement, and PMI offers a thorough organizational audit to help organizations understand their strengths and weaknesses. PMI Analytics uses the science of predictive analysis and emotionally-based, statistically superior methodologies to help organizations develop a structure of success through services such as hiring, consulting, training, marketing research, and communication strategies.

The consulting interventions are designed to align the organization to achieve perfect Customer Engagement (CS) and Employee Engagement (ES) in every part of the organization. Prediction sets itself apart from reporting, analysis, and monitoring because it allows for controlling variables, influencing and changing the outcomes of reporting, analysis, and monitoring. Our interventions aim to determine the predictive value of the current questionnaire data, identify the significant variables, and develop strategies to forecast and improve profitability, engagement, market share, and other positive outcomes.