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Recruiting, Interviewing, and Hiring with Predictive Analytics

Recruiting, Interviewing, and Hiring with Predictive Analytics

When it comes to hiring, the traditional approach of checking resumes and conducting interviews falls dramatically short, offering a mere 20% success rate in predicting a candidate's long-term performance. This method, essentially less reliable than flipping a coin, starkly contrasts with the innovative capabilities of the J-PMC EQ System, which boasts up to a 96% predictive accuracy.

From Uncertainty to Precision: Transform Your Talent Strategy
The J-PMC EQ System transcends traditional methods by significantly enhancing predictive success. Moving from a 20% success rate with resume checks and interviews to up to a 96% accuracy with our system marks a revolution in talent acquisition.

Global Accessibility, Rapid Results:
Our system breaks language barriers, offering assessments in 5 languages and delivering comprehensive evaluations in just 8 minutes. This efficiency ensures that organizations worldwide can swiftly identify and engage top talent.

Scale and Speed for Modern Hiring Needs:
Designed for the digital era, the J-PMC EQ System provides instantaneous results for thousands of applicants at once. This scalability is a game-changer for large-scale recruitment, enabling a seamless assessment process without compromising on depth or quality.

Flexibility Across Multiple Roles:
Unique in its capability, our system not only assesses individual potential but also matches candidates to multiple positions simultaneously. This innovative feature optimizes talent placement, ensuring that each candidate is considered for every role they are suited to, maximizing their contribution to the organization.

Why J-PMC Is the Preferred Choice for Hiring Decisions:
The J-PMC EQ System is not merely an improvement over traditional hiring practices; it represents a paradigm shift towards a more scientific, accurate, and efficient method of talent acquisition. By addressing the shortcomings of resume checks and interviews, our system sets a new benchmark for predictive accuracy and operational efficiency in the global and localtalent market.

Transform Your Talent Strategy Today:
Step into the future of talent with the J-PMC EQ System. Embrace the power of precision, efficiency, and global insight in your hiring process. Let us help you redefine success in talent management. Connect with us to explore how our EQ System can revolutionize your approach to hiring and unlock the full potential of your workforce.

Join the ranks of forward-thinking companies redefining success in talent management with J-PMC.

Hire For Talent

Use PMI'S 8-Minute online EQS survey to accomplish the following:

Job Benchmarking

Use our eight-minute survey to develop a single score benchmark to instantly identify applicants who will be top performers for every position, at up to 96% accuracy. Use one score to measure for several positions; one test covers multiple jobs.

Interviewing & Recruitment

Filter your candidates with speed and ease by using PMI’s color-coded scoring charts. Results are available immediately after a test is taken, and is shown on a customized Administration page.

Organizational Development

Deploy your talent successfully using our Predictive Analytics to help form highly engaged teams, groups and divisions. If the outcomes and goals are clear, the hiring success will follow.

Place For Talent

Use PMI'S 10-Minute online EQ-NP2 survey to accomplish the following:

Talent Management

Use PMI's unique benchmarks to identify individuals who have the inborn talent to be successful in key roles and strategic position

Leadership Identification

Easily Identify the high-potential candidates for future leadership positions with PMI's Leadership scores.

Succession Planning

Develop advanced and accurate succession planning to keep your talent pipeline matched for growth based on PMI's precise emotional trigger scores.

Personal Development

Understand and nurture inborn behaviors critical for success in specific roles, teams, and other functions in departments across the organization.

Career Development

Create individual career paths for employees by matching tasks and roles to talents that offer the greatest chance for success.

Coaching & Mentoring

Provide your managers with accurate and meaningful guidance, so they can support employees at every stage, using PMI’s Talent Dimensions as your essential guide to performance potential.

Maximize Performance

Use PMI's 8-Minute EQS2 online survey and the accompanying results to accomplish the following:

Understand Each Team

Understand each team’s key behaviors and how it will affect performance. Find the right fit to increase and strengthen engagement and performance.


Fully understand and coach each team members’ emotional makeup, to facilitate a better understanding of each employee's strengths, and guide managers to increase productivity without remedial training.

Cross-team Support

Share each team’s strengths to help uncover opportunities for improving and performance and engagement.


Allow how the key emotional triggers in the organization help you with the best management styles for leading and managing teams.


Take advantage of guidance for developing highly productive & healthy teams, using emotional responses to guide maximum performance.


Use scores and dimensions as a benchmark, and make a comparison to other high-performance teams with PMI's proprietary database indexed by industry.